Recruitment & Selection

Job Interviews

Job Specification Detailing

  • An on-site consultation is carried out at the client’s premises in order to ensure full understanding of the company’s culture, strategy and requirements;
  • We are able to assist with job descriptions, the minimum skills criteria that should be met by the potential incumbents, as well as the level and specific nature of tertiary education that the position would require;
  • Assistance and information are supplied with regards to the salary bench-marking of the position with special reference to the industry, location and skill requirement.


  • The client has the option of remaining anonymous should they so wish. Advertising placed for the vacant position would then be placed under the auspices of HRS GROUP. The name of the company will not be divulged to the candidate until such time as is relevant and necessary;
  • The client however has the option to utilise the advertising to further their branding and market exposure. All advertisements placed in the client’s name will be required to be signed off by the client, prior to placement;
  • In both instances as above the response will be dealt with under the auspices of HRS Group, thereby alleviating the client from inundation of applications and any inconvenience this may cause.

Candidate Selection

  • All applications are carefully screened, candidates interviewed and thorough reference checks and qualification verifications are carried out prior to presentation to the client;
  • The client is then presented with a comprehensive summary of the short-listed candidates, based on skills and competency evaluation, as well as personality alignment for the position in order to streamline the selection process;
  • Interviews will then be arranged at the client’s convenience with the chosen candidates;
  • Guidance on the selection process is given and if requested, we are able to assist with the interview;
  • Should the client wish, our offices are available for off-site, confidential interview purposes.


  • HRS Staffing Solutions will then present the signed Offer of Employment directly to the candidate. Should further negotiation result, HRS Group will act on behalf of the client.  On signed acceptance, the date of employment commencement will be finalized;
  • The client will receive a copy of the final, signed Offer of Employment as confirmation of the appointment.