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We made it through 2016, and a lot of us are looking forward to a much deserved break.

Many have put their job search efforts on the backburner, to return fresh in 2017. Whilst it’s true that the job portals have quietened down, and the sense of urgency has faded, there are things you should be doing in your holiday downtime to make sure you are ready for action in January.

We found great articles from The Muse, that are full of good job search tips and resources, to ensure you stay proactive during the festive season.  Here are our 3 favourites:


The Bold 3 Step Plan that’s Get You Noticed and Maybe Hired by Craig Fisher

Three steps on active and pre-emptive job searching instead of relying on job boards and portals. Craig Fisher provides an action plan on how to build a search-optimized visual resume, research your target industry or company and get bold on Social Media.


100 Short Tips That’ll Help You Land Your Next Big Job by Sara McCord

Sara McCord provides 100 tips through every step of the job search process, from reaching out to networks, personal branding and social media to finding the right role and acing your interview.

Her article provides a ‘crash course in the basics’ and helps customise your approach to your level of expertise.


The Ultimate Job Search Guide – Literally Everything You Need To Know To Land A Job You’ll Love by Jaclyn Westlake

A comprehensive job-search checklist by Jaclyn Westlake, who takes an in-depth look at the job search process from beginning to end. Her article works through 14 steps, including defining goals, updating your resume, communication strategies and negotiations. A brilliant read if you are looking to refresh your memory or ‘re-energise’ your job search.


Whether you are a passive, active, a beginner or have been searching for a while, the job application and search process will forever remain the same.  Some searches go quickly while others may take a few months. So take a bit of time this December to revive your efforts, and come back in 2017 with a fresh, customised approach.

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